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We have created a delicious and addictive Gluten Free Granola all with organic ingredients.  Your body will thank you for it


  • Love it! Nutritious and delicious.

    Tricia Mccann
  • I just wanted to say I've just purchased my second packet of Hashtag Granola and I love it! It's so hard to find a healthy, nutritious gluten free cereal or granola that provides a good helping for the price. Thank you for doing that! I love the personal message that came with the order, really shows personality. The quality of your products is hard to beat!

    Sophie C.
  • Yummy

    Karen Alchin
  • I Looooove this stuff!! Best energy food I've found, love it with honey for breakfast. Yum!

    Tom Morwood
  • I ordered my Granola one day and the next day it was on my doorstep. Thanks Kim for the sample packets, a wonderful touch. I opened my bottle straight away and dug in with my spoon and seriously was not disappointed. # Granola will be definitely be a staple in my diet. YUM...just DELICIOUS…

    Christine Moore
  • Hands down best I've ever tasted! Thanks for getting me hooked!

    Lisa McBriarty
  • A really great product! I love the flavor and also the size of the pieces in the bag. A great topping for fruit and coconut yoghurt for a yummy breakfast or healthy after dinner treat!

    Sarah Worthington
  • I won a bag in a Hills Triathlon Club raffle and am stoked! It's soooo delicious and I can eat it! I have a lot of dietary restrictions so that's really saying something!

    Vanessa Cullen
  • Just experienced my first Hashtag Granola breakfast... Wow, so good. This will not last long in the cupboard

    Vince Bryan
  • Delicious, my wife and I have it with biodynamic organic yogurt, any fresh berries cacao nibs and manuka honey.

    Sashe Rizovski
  • The Best Granola!! I have it every morning before training.

    Tim Johnson
  • Thanks for offering such a great quality product and excellent customer service to boot. Happy to keep returning and supporting your business

    Ellie Taylor
  • Just want to say thanks for having the courage to make your dream a reality! Your fig & Mac granola is the absolute best granola I have ever tasted. It is a great start to the day, or any time of the day really. Awesome guys - enjoy your journey.

    Jenifer and Darren
  • Thank you so much for your amazing service. I couldn't believe how fast my granola came, and to make it that little extra special, your personalised note really shows appreciation for your customers. Thank you again.

  • Thanks for offering such a great quality product and excellent customer service to boot. Happy to keep returning and supporting your business.

  • Thanks for such a delicious product!

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